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The majority of the following farms have been privately fished and have only just become available for angling by the general public.

BELMORE -  Access to the Bell River and Sterkspruit.  Good combination of rapids and deep pools.  Some prize specimens have been taken.  Yellowfish also take the fly.  Ready access for any type of vehicle.

BLACK ROCK - On the Bokspruit.  Accessible to ordinary vehicles.   Some very productive pools as well as rapids.  Excellent sport fishing for trout and yellowfish.

CARABAS - Accessible to all vehicles.  Along the Bokspruit, this beat has not been fished regularly.  River fishing at its best.   Yellowfish found together with trout.

CAERLAVEROCK - On the Sterkspruit. Accommodation is available within easy walking distance of the river.  Well known for its productive runs.  Yellowfish are also found here.  Accessible to all vehicles.

EAGLES CRAIG - On the Joggem spruit.  Off  the beaten track but well worth a visit.  Good pools and rugged surroundings.  Bakkies only.

KELVIN GROVE - On the Kraai river.  Accessible to bakkies. Some very  deep pools and numerous rapids yield some large fish.

KILOWEN - For the more adventurous enthusiast.  On high ground not connected to any road.  Walking or horse trails give access to this exciting stretch of water.  Remoteness lends enchantment to the experience.

-  On the Kraai and Sterkspruit.  Readily accessible from the Kraai river bridge.  Some productive pools adjacent to reed beds are the home of some very large yellows and trout.

ROSENEATH - On the upper Bokspruit.  Excellent fishing on this very well known stream.  Accessible to any vehicle, home of numerous trout.

TULLEYVEOLAN - On the Riflespruit and it has beautiful pools and rapids.  Angling is good and very beautiful scenery.  Accessible to all vehicles.

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